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The LoveSpell Game is the first in a series of books

that will create real magic in a child's life.  


The LoveSpell Game
 A Contemporary Fairy Tale 
by I. J. Weinstock

​The More You Love, The More You Win! 
Inspired by a fairy tale called "LoveSpell,"

a teenager suffering a mysterious illness

invents a game that magically

transforms everyone's life.


Another LoveSpell Adventure 

Magic Glasses COVER.png


The Amazing Tale
of the
Magic Glasses
by I. J. Weinstock



Suddenly finding himself in Wonderland, Xander is lost, frightened and desperate to go home. But to do that, he'll have to learn new ways of seeing. During his amazing adventure, he encounters fantastic things he’s never seen before. Ultimately, he discovers that if he really wants to find his way home, he’ll have to change the way he sees everything!


For Adults

The LoveSpell Experiment 
My Year Exploring Love & Discovering a Secret to Happiness

​What Do You Love?

This simple yet profound question inspired an extraordinary exploration into the very nature of Love.

I. J. Weinstock made a New Year's resolution to answer the question, 

What do you love? every day for a year.

During his year-long quest he declared more than 1001 things he loved 

and discovered a secret to happiness.

The LoveSpell Experiment reveals a secret key

to unlock the treasure chest of one's life! ​


The LoveSpell Secret
A 30-Day Heaven-Sent Program to
Create More Love in Your Life
Inspired by his late-wife, I. J. Weinstock  made a New Year's resolution to answer the question "What do you love?" every day for a year. He wrote a memoir about his experience, The LoveSpell Experiment, during which he discovered a secret to happiness—the LoveSpell Secret.
Metaphysics and quantum physics both maintain that whatever you put your attention on expands. Whenever you answer the question  "What do I love?" you're focusing your attention and activating a kind of magical spell that produces many health and wellness benefits.
The LoveSpell Secret is a 30-day workout that will build your Love Muscle and give you the key to unlocking the treasure chest of your life.
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