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Play the LoveSpell Game

The LoveSpell Game

Welcome to the LoveSpell Game.

What do you love?

  • I love my pillow.

  • I love singing in the shower.

  • I love feeding the ducks at the Lake, even though you’re not supposed to.

  • I love eating popcorn in the movies.

  • I love watching my team win, especially when they come from behind.

  • I love doing funny things like wearing a red clown nose to make children happy.

  • I love basketball, baseball, football…any kind of ball!

I want to know what you love?

I also want to know how you're playing the LoveSpell Game?

Let me know how you liked the books? I'd love to hear any suggestions you have about Anna's and Xander's stories.

You can leave me a message in the Contact form.

Or you can write me directly at

I look forward to hear from you.

And you can call me "Jerry."

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