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The LoveSpell Game

A Contemporary Fairy Tale


by I. J. Weinstock

Inspired by a fairy tale called “LoveSpell,”

a teenager suffering from a mysterious illness

invents a game that magically transforms everyone’s life.

"I truly believe this book to be an inspiration for children of all ages!" — Carol A.

"The LoveSpell Game brought smiles and tears to my eyes. It is a lovely way to instill joy and hope.  Inspiring!" — Ann-Marie

"This is such a lovely, unexpectedly unique and inspirational book. It left me feeling very happy." — Deborah P.

"I want to read the book to my grandchildren when I go to visit! The magic of love!" — Karen N.

"I loved the book! (See, I'm already playing the LoveSpell Game!!!!) " — Fay M.

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